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Teaching is a privelege

"It is just as much a musician's duty as a privilege to pass the music knowledge and experience on. Everything I have learned in my life as a musician; all the mistakes I have done, challenges I have overcome, and all the tricks and tools I have gathered, I am happy to share with my students.

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Piano Lessons

Singer Songwriter Julie Hall offers piano lessons for beginners, intermediates and soon-to-be songwriters. Aiming for the effortlessness of you sitting down at the piano “and just play”, Julie’s lessons focuses on learning chords, rhythm patterns and improvisation.


Starting from any level, the lessons give a thorough understanding of music theory, reading sheet music, the connection between the chords and most importantly - how to use them.


With a combination of practising musicality and perfection through playing classical pieces, and the free improvisation, creativity and interpretation of pop songs, the lessons are exciting and effective.


Every lesson is shaped after the student’s goals and wishes, requiring you to engage in your own development. Through lots of laughter and enjoyable exercises, the lessons give you tools to put in your musical toolbox. Playing piano is no longer an endless task of playing dull sheet music, but an instrument to express yourself and your inner musicality.


Singing Lessons

Singing lessons for either professional and intermediate singers in need of a new point of view, or beginners whose only ambition is to feel good and enjoy singing. The lessons focus on finding your natural voice, to strengthen it, and make it sing freely and beautifully.  
Every body is different, as every voice and every person’s life story is different. Julie's speciality as a singing teacher is to approach each person as they are, and work with them from their stand at the moment. She brings in everything she has learned on her journey as a singer, including fourteen different teachers with fourteen different perspectives, and aims to give the student the exercises he/she needs for his/her unique voice.

Favourite Moments

"My favourite moments when teaching, is when I see in the eyes of the student how the pieces clicks into place, and the student has learned something valuable he will never let go of.

​Through technical exercises customized for each singer, the lessons aim to strengthen, develop and free the instrument, as well as learning tools of how to hit the high notes, deal with the break, make the chest voice and head voice sound whole, breath control, riffing and wailing and how to use effects to create a style or expression. 


Working through a variety of songs during the lessons, the goal lies along the journey - to enjoy the different pieces of music, understanding the differences in sound quality, genre and style and also in interpreting the songs. Singing is not all about technique, it is about telling a story and moving the listener with your voice. In any style - rock, pop, jazz, blues, musical theatre - there are stories to be told, and any voice can tell them. Through these lessons you learn how to.

Lessons are taught in either English, German, Norwegian or Swedish, both Online or in Trondheim.

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