Julie Hall of  Norway  

Foto: Anna Barbera

Julie Hall is a Norwegian singer, dancer, actress and songwriter based in Berlin and freelancing around Germany. With eight years of musical theatre education and a lifetime of experience on the stage, she spreads her joy and love for music through her powerful soprano voice and beautiful compositions.

Foto: Branka Kokol

Julie grew up in the sunny Norwegian countryside.  She wrote her first story already in kindergarden,  and she was often found standing on the swing, singing songs she made up spontaniously. It didn't take long before she discovered her passion for singing, and today singing is as important to her as breathing. 

She also longed to play piano, and since the local music school didn't have any open places for the next ten years, Julie took matters into her own hands and taught herself to play. When she finally started high school, specializing in music, she thrived with all the knowledge she was given and soon discovered her talent for songwriting and composition. Julie actually dreamt about a profession as an author, since her lively imagination was always bubbling with ideas and stories. Today these stories are to be found in her songs, magically combining the elements of words, melodies, sounds and rhythms.

Julie's songs come purely from the heart, and tell stories of life and love, of pain and despair, of seduction and romance. She believes strongly in kindness, honesty, courage, beauty, passion and above all - love, and she communicates her beliefs with the world through her music and her voice. 


At the age of thirteen, Julie started taking singing lessons from an opera singer. Her lyrical soprano voice emerged, and brought her to the towns girls choir, where they lit up wintry dark churches with their radiant, delicate singing. Her interest in musical theatre's passion and power led her to participate in the annual Gala concerts "Musicals in Gjøvik", where she climbed the ladder from choir girl to soloist. After receiving a "yes" at her very first national musical audition, she was chosen to perform in her all time favorite musical "Which Witch": her dream come true. 

She applied three times to the school she was determined to attend, the Ballet Academy of Gothenburg, the best musical theatre school in Skandinavia. In 2010 she finally got accepted and moved to Sweden.

During her eight years of education she encountered all aspects of the emotional scale; from intense satisfaction, fiery passion, deep despair, loss of control, self-loathing, rejection, true love, loneliness, trust, seduction, embarrassment... She stepped out of the safe walls of school life with her future bare and uncertain in front of her, with the Dream clinging on to her back like a drowned cat.

Again, she left her country; this time for the greener grass of Germany. Julie moved to Berlin and started from scratch, riding a wave of faith and ambition to achieve a career as a singer. Since she couldn't afford a pianist, she developed her piano skills and started playing solo concerts around on the Berliner live music scene, sharing her stories with the colorful metropolitan Berliners.

After Julie had received twenty-nine No's at auditions, the day came when she finally got another Yes, this time from the AIDA Cruises Shows. She packed her bags and went to sea, enjoying performing in colourful shows amidts a sunset backdrop and midnight gigs with the band under the stars. To have an open stage and an eager band was a delight for Julie, and she blossomed. After two seasons out at sea, she put her feet back on German ground and crawled on, on all four paws, in the musical "CATS", where she also played the lead role "Grizabella". 

Julie continues to take her experiences and stories with her through her acting, dancing and singing, currently performing in the sassy, long-legged, femme fatale musical "Chicago". 


Absolute ABBA - Swedish Legend

Germany Tour 2018- 2020 

Music by: ABBA - Tribute Show

Part: Agnetha

Production: Creativ Team Veranstaltungs GmbH 


Chicago the Musical

Summer 2018 at

Schlossfestspiele Ettlingen, Germany

Musical by: Kander/Ebb /Fosse - 1975

Part: Cover "Roxie" and "Mona" murderess

Direction: Udo Schürmer

Choreography: Bart De Clercq 

Musical Director: Tobias Leppert

Critics: https://bnn.de/lokales/ettlingen/famose-inszenierung-des-heissen-broadway-musicals-chicago

Schuhbecks Teatro

Winter 2017-18 at

Schuhbecks Teatro, Munich, Germany

Music: Commercial pop music and traditionals

Part: Soloist

Musical Arrangements: Stefan Warmuth

Musical Director: Oliver Frank


CATS the Musical

Summer 2017 at

Luisenburg Festspiele, Wunsiedel. Germany

Musical by: Andrew Lloyd Webber - 1981

Part: Cover "Grizabella" and "Exotica"

Direction: Hardy Rudolz

Choreography: Vanni Viscusi

Musical Director: Jörg Gerlach



Mr. Rod - A Hommage to Rod Stewart

Germany Tour 2017-20

Coverband - A tribute to Rod Stewart

Part: Singer / Dancer 

Direction: Marco Wölfer


Musical Sensations

Tour 2017-18 in Germany

Concert: Musical Theatre Highlights

Part: Soloist

Producer: Stephanie Bischoff

Direction: Florian Hinxlage



AIDA Cruises

Seasons 2015 and 2016

Musical Theme Shows: Madonna, Phil Collins, Helene Fischer, James Bond-theme, German Schlager-theme, and other varied, colourful shows. 

Part: Soloist / Dancer


A Chorus Line

2013, musical theatre exam production at 

Balettakademien Göteborg, Sweden

Musical by: Hamlish / Kleban / Kirkwood / Dante - 1975

Part: "Val" (song "Tits and ass")

Direction: Mathias Palm

Choreography: Originals by Michael Bennett, adapted by Gunilla Olsson Karlsson

Musical Director: Teresa Indebetou


I Love You, You're Prefect, Now Change

2012, musical theatre exam production at 

Balettakademien Göteborg, Sweden

Musical by: DiPietro / Roberts

Part: Soloist / Ensemble

Direction: Marcus Virta

Choreography: Gunilla Olsson Karlsson

Musical Director: Teresa Indebetou


Which Witch

Summer 2007 at

Nordhordland Kulturproduksjon, Bergen, Norway

Musical by: Adrian / Bjørnov

Part: Ensemble

Direction: Leif Egil Vatnøy


At 17 years of age, Julie put all her cards on a career as a singer, and was one of the lucky few chosen for the education of studying music at Gjøvik Vidergående Skole (2005-2008), where she passed the Examen Artium with top grades. She sang classical soprano during the first years of her studies, gradually bringing pop and musical theatre into her vocabulary. After three years, she moved into the woods to Solbakken Revyfolkehøyskole (2008-09), where she studied the craft of comedy, through writing, acting and producing. 

She started her college level education as a Musical Theatre-singer, dancer and actress  from the Bårdar Academy in Oslo (2009-10), and later moved onwards to the neighbouring country Sweden, to the highly reputable  Ballet  Academy in Gothenburg. (2010-13). In addition to show productions, she studied the arts of song interpretation, speech training, music theory, jazz dance, tap dance, ballet, commercial dance, choir and acting, as well as Swedish language.


Julie was a voracious student and rejoiced with the knowledge that she got from her competent teachers, to whom she is very grateful today. During her education she performed in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", the musicals "I love you, you're perfect, now change", and "A Chorus Line", where she interpreted the role of "Val". 

Julie's final exam project from the Ballet Academy was something she had planned for three years; the composition of a brand new musical. Together with Arvid Assarsson, she composed the musical "Fiket" (The Café), written for two singers, a piano and a violin, a table and two chairs - depicting every sort of meeting that can happen at a café. 

Jewelry Songs

In 2017 Julie started her own songwriter company - writing custom made Designer Songs, with a specialty in beautiful love ballads, written on commission for weddings. Just as precious, elegant and valuable as jewelry.

In close collaboration with clients, in most cases the soon-to-be-wedded couple, Julie discovers each couple's story and transforms it into beautiful lyrics and melodies. The Song is tailored exactly to the client, and through carefully chosen words and instrumentation, she takes the couple's ideas and musical preferences, and distills the essense of the their love story, capturing it in music.

Julie produces and records the song with talented musicians from her team, and sends it off across the world to be played on the couple's wedding day. 

ZAV Künstlervermittlung Berlin
Norbert Hunecke, (030) 55 55 99 - 68 31

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