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Julie Hall

 of Norway

Singer, Actress, Songwriter

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" We are only dealt so much time and energy here in life, 

- use it well "-

Julie Hall

Julie Hall is a singer and musical theatre actress - originally from Norway, educated at the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has made a career in show business in Germany.

She has played in dance musicals like "Cats" and "Chicago", as well as Pop/Rock Shows on the Aida Cruises. Currently active with the ABBA-tribute show, "Swedish Legend".


Julie writes songs for voice and piano. Her music is heartfelt and melodious, telling stories of love and life, through beautifully written melodies and lyrics. In addition to telling her own stories, she also writes songs on commission for others; custom made songs for weddings, funerals, birthdays or other special occasions.

Julie is currently working with Autumnsongs Recording Studio to finally record and officially release her songs.


Singing and playing music has been passed down from teacher to students for centuries. It is a golden treasure that cannot be bought. The only way to obtain it is through learning, step by step.


Julie enjoys teaching very much. Her singing lessons focus on releasing the natural voice - as well as vocal techniques for strength, beauty and expression. Her piano lessons focus on learning to play a song with as little effort and as much pleasure as possible. Through the knowledge about and use of chords, and recognition of rhythm patterns, one can sit down at the piano and just play.

Say goodbye to your loved one with the words you can't find yourself. Music and song elevate the solemnity in ceremonies, and the right music in funerals gives a collective feeling of closure and a dignified rituals at the end of a life. 

Julie can contribute with the songs of your choosing, but also offers a huge repertoire of songs. 

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