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Julie's Story

Born and raised in the fair kingdom of Norway, Julie grew up in a region rich in culture and music. Her journey as a singer started early; with yearly performances with the local theatre, candle-lit church concerts with a girl choir, and sparkling shows with a Musical Theatre group, Julie developed a burning passion for song and dance. 

  It's not a melody, it's a story.

"Every song tells a story. We use the music to convey our emotions, and so melodies, rhythms and allegories can communicate them much more accurately than words can.

Meet Julie

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julie hall - musicalgalla 2007.bmp

"As long as he needs me" from the musical "Oliver!"
by Lionel Bart, in Gjøvik Theatre, 2006.


From "Musicals i Gjøvik", 2007

From "Which Witch" by Adrian/Bjørnov, by Nordhordland Kulturproduksjon, Bergen 2007


At age 16, Julie put all her cards on a career as a singer, and was one of the lucky few chosen for the music studies at Gjøvik Vidergående Skole (2005 - 2008). She sang classical soprano during the first years of her studies, gradually bringing pop and musical theatre into her vocabulary. She played in various local theatre plays and including the female lead role "Nancy" in the musical "Oliver!"


In 2007, she got word of her favorite musical "Which Witch" (by Adrian/Bjørnov) coming to Bergen. Although still in school, she showed up at the audition all smiles and passion, and got the job. Which Witch was everything she wished for, and set the ball rolling for a future career in musical theatre.


She studied the crafts of comedy at Solbakken Revy-folkehøyskole (2008 - 09), through writing, acting and producing. ​She moved on to college level education in musical theatre at the Bårdar Academy in Oslo (2009 -10), and later sang her way into the highly reputable  Ballet  Academy in Gothenburg. (2010 -13) in Sweden.

In addition to performing in school productions,

("A Chours Line", "I love you, you're perfect, now change", "A Midsummer Night's Dream"), she studied the arts of song interpretation, speech training, music theory, jazz dance, tap dance, ballet, commercial dance, choir and acting, as well as the Swedish language. ​


Julie's final exam project from the Ballet Academy was something she had planned from the arrival; composing a brand new musical. Together with Arvid Assarsson, she composed the musical "Fiket" (The Café), written for two singers, a piano and a violin. With every scene happening around one table and two chairs - a variety of independent scenes are depicting every sort of meeting that can happen at a café.

Julie Hall as Val in A Chorus Line.jpg

"Dance 10, looks 3" from "A Chrous Line" by Hamlisch/Kleban, at the Ballet Academy,
Gothenburg, 2013


"One" from "A Chrous Line" by Hamlisch/Kleban at the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg, 2013

"The last tango", from the musical "Fiket" (the café) 
by Julie Hall and Arvid Assarsson, written and performed at the Ballet Academy, Gothenburg 2013



Hunting Stages

After eight years of intense learning, Julie left for the greener grass of Germany. She moved to Berlin and started playing her songs around on the Berliner live music scene. She collaborated with producers and played with musicians from all over the world.

Eventually she packed her bags and went to sea, singing and dancing in various shows on the AIDA Cruises - Pop and Rock shows with a sunset backdrop, and midnight gigs with the band under the stars. After two seasons, she put her feet back on German ground and crawled on, on all four paws, in the musical "CATS", where she also played the lead role of "Grizabella". 

My Vision

 If you reach for the stars, you might touch the moon. But why strive for a destination, when the journey itself is the goal?


From the show "Holiday" on Aida Cruises, Germany 2015

From the dinner show "Schuhbecks Teatro", 2017

Today, Julie is back in Norway, writing songs, teaching singing and songwriting, and working with voice recording production in her own studio. She is developing her skills and knowledge about the connection between voice and psyche through her studies in Oslo toward becoming a psychotherapist. 

Julie loves recording music in Autumnsongs Recording Studio in Trondheim, and will release her latest creations come spring. 

"Here's to love" from the upcoming album 
"Songs for an empty audience" - in Autumnsongs Recording Studio, 2022


"Hvis jeg fikk gjøre det igjen" by Julie Hall, at Kaffka in Gjøvik, with Sjur Magnus and Vibeke Horsberg, 2023

In München she performed in dinner shows with "Schubecks Teatro", and simultaneously with "Musical Sensations", a concert with the big musical theater highlight songs. With the cover band "Mr. Rod - a Homage to Rod Stewart"she traveled all across Germany. 

After performing in the sassy, femme-fatale musical "Chicago" in 2018, she moved on to touring yearly with the look-a-like ABBA tribute band: "Swedish Legend". 

Mr. Rod and Julie.jpg
Swedish Legend, Julie Hall and Venera Jakupov.jpg
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