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Jewelry Songs

Julie's songs come purely from the heart, and tell stories of life and love, of pain and despair, of seduction and romance. She believes strongly in kindness, honesty, courage, beauty, passion and above all - love, and she communicates her beliefs with the world through her music and her voice.

In collaboration with remote session musicians, Julie writes songs on commission. For any occasion, it being a birthday present, a last goodbye at a funeral, an engagement proposal or especially - a dance to one's own song at the wedding, one can have a song written and designed to the person.

The concept of "Jewelry Songs" is giving a song as a present, just as valuable, precious and beautiful as a piece of jewelry. 

When the songs on the radio seem overplayed and impersonal, a song with words and melodies telling the story about exactly that person or couple, is something very special to be treasured. Julie enjoyes capturing the essence of the persons in the music. 

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